How To Get A Nigerian Domain Name.

How To Get A Nigerian Domain Name.

If you want to know how to get a Nigerian domain name, then this article is for you, and I hope you exercise patience and read it to the end.

I am going to start off this article by showing you what is a Nigerian domain name before I g on to show you how to get one. After that, I will bring this article to a close by showing you the definition of a domain as well as a web hosting provider.

What is a Nigerian domain name.

A Nigerian domain name is simply a domain extension for targeting residents of Nigeria, it is intended for Nigerian websites examples are .ng and

How to get a Nigerian domain name.

To get a Nigerian domain name, you must look for a web hosting company in Nigeria that will allow you to buy the .ng and domain extensions available for Nigerian websites because majority of the global web hosting providers like Bluehost do not provide the Nigerian domain name.

My candid advice for buying a domain name in Nigeria is to purchase through the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, and the 2 best web hosting providers I will recommend for you, and am also using are Domain king NG and True Host.

Now whichever company you choose, below are the steps you are going to take to buy your cheap domain.

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. After signing up, log in to your account.
  3. Click on “Domain Search” and when it opens input your preferred domain name and click on search.
  4. If no one is using your domain name, you will see a congratulatory message with the option of adding your domain name to your cart.
  5. Now you have to decide on which of the Nigerian domain name you are going to settle for. Don’t forget we have .ng, and
  6. After settling for your choice, you can now add your domain to the cart and check out.
  7. Finally, go to your cart and make payment for your new domain, and you can then refer to the 2 articles below to build and update your new website with your phone.

What is a domain?

A domain is a shortened form for the domain name. And it may be defined as an easy-to-remember name attached to a physical IP address on the Internet.

It is your domain name that will lead people to your website where they can easily access your data and files.

However, for a domain name to be accessible, it needs to get a web hosting company.

What is a web hosting provider?

A web hosting provider is an online company that provides storage space for a website and enables it to be connected to the Internet.

Web hosting companies have space on servers that they sell for people to store their websites so they can appear on the Internet.